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    Parking Permit Frequently Asked Questions


    What if I'm exempt from paying sales taxes?

    To avoid paying sales taxes, if you are with a tax exempt organization, you will be required to provide your sales tax exemption form from your applicable State.

    What are the various recurring fees I will be paying each month?

    Each month you will be paying the following:
         1. Parking Price for your parking permit ($ varies by lot and type)
         2. Handling Fee (Amount varies based on payment option)
         3. Applicable sales tax based on your geographical area
         4. Processing Fee of (Amount varies based on payment option)

    How do I pay with cash or check?

    The ONLY form of payment that will be accepted will be Credit, Debit or Money Order. (See Terms and Conditions)


    What if I don’t want my account set to automatically pay each month?

    Automatic payment is REQUIRED with credit card payments. (See Terms and Conditions)

    What if I don't pay by the 1st of the month?

    If paying by credit or debit, payment will automatically be deducted on the 1st of the month. If your credit card is declined for some reason, you will subject to additional fees and penalties. If you are paying by money order, payment is due by the first of the month.(See Terms and Conditions)

    What are the Handling and Processing Fees?

    These are the fees for using the PermitPoint system. No matter what type of payment is used, these fees apply to all transactions. (See Terms and Conditions)


    Is my parking permit transferable?

    Your parking permit is NOT transferable. (See Terms and Conditions)


    If I lost my parking permit (non-static sticker) will I be charged for a new parking permit (non-static sticker)?

    If a parking permit (non-static sticker) or tag is lost or stolen, the Customer will be charged a minimum replacement fee of $25.00 before being issued a new one. UPark reserves the right to revoke parking privileges and immediately terminate the Agreement. Also, any cost associated with providing a reserved parking sign will be the financial responsibility of the Customer to include all materials and installation with no reimbursement by UPark Systems. (See Terms and Conditions)


    Can I park in different UPark parking lots with the same parking permit (non-static sticker)?

    No. Your parking permit (non-static sticker) allows you parking access to the particular lot you've paid for on the Monthly Parking Website. If you park in a different UPark parking lot you will be required to pay the daily applicable rate for that site. (See Terms and Conditions)


    Can my monthly parking rate change ever?

    Yes. UPark reserves the right to increase or decrease the monthly parking rate for said parking space(s) through thirty days in advance of said change. Such notice will either be posted, flyered on the parking lot, or mailed prior to any such change. (See Terms and Conditions)


    Can I terminate my contract with UPark Parking?

    Yes, terminating your contract is permissible. See article 5 in the Terms and Conditions.